Vinyl Replay

Vinyl replay systems still provide the most natural and satisfying way of enjoying recorded music. Pure analogue can give a most realistic and relaxed reproduction of the real event compared to the majority of digital systems. There is no question that a select few CD players can come close these days but many do not. Computer based music files, even the highest resolution versions, still do not emulate the sound or the emotional experience of vinyl LPs.

There are many turntables and cartridges manufacturers active on the market today and we have selected the few that meet our musical taste. All our turntables are non-suspended, that is with no sustained bounce, as this design presents the body and weight of a live event with rhythm and dynamics correctly stated. Fine detail is also more easily resolved from the vinyl groove than with sprung turntables.

With this experience we can assist in the selection of the correct turntable combination for your taste and budget. Because of the variety of subtle, and not so subtle, differences between these turntables, tone-arms and cartridges, these are sometimes difficult to express succinctly here. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us by email or by phone.

Turntable and cartridge optimisation

We also offer a precise turntable and cartridge set up and service facility. With over 25 years experience of installing and setting up vinyl replay for our customers, we can fine tune to achieve the best possible sound revealing the finest details from your LPs. We have been amazed at how many turntable/cartridges we have encountered that are below optimum of what can be achieved. We can visit your home to do this; please phone for a quotation based on your location.

Record Cleaners

This vinyl cleaning machine uses ultrasonic technology making it the most efficient and most effective LP cleaner on the market. The Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner was the original brand to introduce this technology 10 years ago. It is still the most efficient and easiest to use LP cleaner on the market.

High quality, reliable German engineering that is exceptionally simple in operation, Completely automatic and both sides are cleaned simultaneously. After a 5-6 minute cycle you have an ultra clean, dry LP.

An ultrasonic generator is used to excite the cleaning liquid bath that loosens dirt in the grooves. In addition, microscopic bubbles are created where a dirt particles sits at the groove surface that assist further in dislodging solid particles.

The designer, Reiner Glass, has experimented over the years with various levels of ultrasound and has found that a low energy generator is more efficient, and potentially less damaging to delicate vinyl surfaces than a high energy ultrasonic generator. The standard cleaning cycle is approximately 90 seconds and this can be extended incrementally by 60 seconds, up to 5 times, for very dirty LPs. 

This contactless method of cleaning removes more dirt than conventional suction methods which most other LP cleaners are based on. The biggest test of efficiency is that this PRO ultrasonic cleaner produces significant audible improvements in sound quality by cleaning LPs previously cleaned with any other vinyl cleaner. 

Ultra clean LPs have a bigger sound stage, more dynamics, a more correct tonal balance, and reveal more detail. It is much more than just removing noise, the sound is audibly better. Ultra-clean surfaces also result in less stylus wear.

Superb results with both older, cherished LPs and with brand new pressings. 

There has been a slight modification to the top plate of the latest generation of the PRO cleaner to accept the NEW 7" single adaptor. All units supplied from January 2018 accept this adaptor.

The new PRO X Vinyl Cleaner continues with the improved mechanical designs, including a better drive motor, pump with ceramic bearings and an additional drying process option. This designation is to celebrate Audiodesksysteme's 10th anniversary and is identical to the PRO 19 model supplied in 2019. Both the cleaning cycle and the drying cycle can now be extended. The cleaning action using ultrasonics remains the same as with the previous version although it is slightly more efficient and quieter in operation.

4 colour options are available: grey, black, white and red: please see gallery for images. The black is more of a dark grey than a solid black - an anthracite or graphite colour. Grey is a solid, mid grey colour; the white is also solid and looks elegant in the right setting. Red sells in small numbers and generally only a few will be stocked.

We have appointed 16 approved specialist dealers around the UK; please contact us for the one nearest to you. For those not close to any dealer, we can supply by mail order. Please phone for details: 0118 981 9891

PRO Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner

Includes 2 Cleaning Fluid concentrates, 1 bath filter and 1 set of 4 Microfibre barrels £2525.00. No water is included.

Delivery with insurance to UK mainland £28.00 by next day courier.

Consumables and accessories

Cleaning Fluid £14 (dilute to 4.5 litres with distilled/de-ionised water, change every 100 LPs).

Microfibre Cleaning Barrels (set of 4) £55.00 (change every 500 LPs).

Cleaning bath filter £14.50 (change every 500 LPs).

Wiper blades - set of 2 £16.00 (change approximately every 500-700 LPs).

Drive rings - set of 2 £18.00 (change as required but usually around 1500 LPs)

Fan filters (set of 2) £61.00 (dependent on environment used change as required but recommended around 800-1000 LPs).

Acrylic cover over bath filter £27.00

7" singles adaptor official audiodesksysteme PRO cleaner £235.00.
Please note this adaptor cannot be retro fitted to the original vinyl cleaner or the earlier PRO version. Only PRO units supplied from January 2018 will accept the 7" single adaptor. For owners of earlier vinyl cleaners who require the facility to clean 7" singles, we can offer an exchange against the latest PRO unit. The cost for such an exchange will depend on the model, age, and condition. Please call or email for a quotation.

All accessories and consumables purchased from us are delivered free within UK mainland.

The consumables cost is approximately 28p per LP averaged over 500 LPs, not including the cost of water.

What reviewers and our customers say:

The original Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO was a superb performer – and it still is, I might add. The PRO 2019 is that much better. It not only corrects some of the wrinkles from the original design, it cleans 7" singles properly and (mostly) efficiently but it improves upon the basic sound quality. Sound had a great 3D effect… as if the information presented to the ear was embossed. Music flowed very easily.

Paul Rigby – The Audiophile Man, October 2019

I have been using the AudioDeskSysteme cleaner over the weekend and I have to say that from the outset, it is probably one of the best investments/upgrades I have made. From never having cleaned a record before, I am now cleaning every record before playing. I have noticed a huge drop in the amount of background noise, pops and crackles etc, along with an more expansive sound and clarity of line. There also seems to be a depth of resolution and firmness of bass lines that I have not noticed before. Many thanks for your advice and supply of this unit.

Dr N D, Caerphilly, musician and composer

Since its initial release, Audiodesk Systeme has beefed up the drive mechanism, improved the pump, and switched to quieter fans, which makes the cleaner a little quieter and a lot more robust. By taking the drudgery out of the record cleaning process, all you get is joy.

Alan Sircom, HiFi + #172, May 2019

Read the full review:

Audio Desk Systeme PRO vinyl cleaner review by Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, May 19 Audio Desk Systeme PRO vinyl cleaner review by Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, May 19 (176 KB)

Apart from the removal of loose particles, it’s the embedded dirt that has, up until now, never been removed, and has proven resistant even to an expensive record cleaning machine. This is a true first for record cleaners. This, in vinyl terms, is revolutionary.

Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man, Dec 16

Read the full review

This arrived safely earlier in the week and yesterday I was able to get it going. As to its cleaning, well, it takes the vinyl out of vinyl! The sense I get is of being that much closer to the master tape, with all the benefits you mentioned. It's like a very good cartridge upgrade. With my system there is now an even greater sense of neutrality and transparency than before, like looking into the recording venue.

Mr JL, Hertfordshire
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I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how delighted I am with the Audiodesksysteme PRO Vinyl Cleaner. I feel as if I've either had a big cartridge upgrade or - more importantly - a whole new record collection. Not does it only reduce or eliminate surface noise, it also brings out more detail and ups the boogie factor - I'm hearing some much-loved LPs as I never have before. What's more it's compact, easy to use and automatic (and after just two weeks I've cleaned well over 200 LPs). I think it's the best investment I've made in hardware since I bought my LP12 back in 1988 - it really is that good!

Mr KW, London

The Audio Desk Systeme cleaner turned up, was simple to set up and I have not used CDs since. I play one track of a record, clean it and end up playing it all. Whilst I needed a cleaning machine, I was sceptical of some of the claims in reviews... there is a change in every record cleaned so far. My non-HiFi brother referred to space, room, air and bass clarity from Joan Armatrading's "Show Some Emotion". I noticed clearer fingering of the guitar as well. It's obvious that cleaner records give better music… many thanks.

Mr A M, Bristol

The Audio Desk Systeme cleaner is a revelation. This little machine makes the vinyl "better than new" - hard to believe, but absolutely true. It radically improves old and dirty records and the sound improvement – miraculous. This is not a "I think there may be an improvement there" but rather a game changer of an improvement. It works remarkable well on brand new unplayed records - just listening to one side of a new record with no cleaning and the other having been cleaned - way different! Anyone who has a large and cherished record collection deserves one of these. Thanks.

Dr M W, Anglesey

Just a note to say that the Cleaning Machine arrived safely this morning and from the few disks I have cleaned with it, I am pleased to say that the results are very impressive. I have a few disks that are around 50 years old that weren't really playable but after cleaning in the machine they are almost like new disks. Amazing!

Mr A K, Bromley

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) Accessory Review


Audio Desk Systeme PRO vinyl cleaner review by Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, May 19 Audio Desk Systeme PRO vinyl cleaner review by Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, May 19 (176 KB)

Audio Desk Systeme vinyl cleaner review by Stereophile Audio Desk Systeme vinyl cleaner review by Stereophile (291 KB)

Audio Desk Systeme vinyl cleaner review by Stereophile Audio Desk Systeme vinyl cleaner review by Stereophile (291 KB)

Audio Desk Systeme vinyl cleaner review by Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, Nov 14 Audio Desk Systeme vinyl cleaner review by Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, Nov 14 (184 KB)

Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner review by Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Dec 12 Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner review by Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Dec 12 (1420 KB)

Record Cleaning Service

An ultrasonic record cleaning service is now available for those that do not wish to invest in this Vinyl Cleaner or wish to try its effectiveness prior to purchase. The minimum number required at one time is 12 LPs at a cost of £48 (£4.00 per LP) plus return delivery. All cleaned LPs placed in a new anti-static inner sleeve whilst preserving the original. For larger numbers call for a price quotation – 0118 981 9891

Official 7" singles adaptor for audiodesksysteme PRO cleaner
Official 7" singles adaptor for audiodesksysteme PRO cleaner
Official 7" singles adaptor for Audiodesksysteme PRO cleaner

Acrylic Dust Cover for the Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner

One of our approved retailers has designed a superb and simple acrylic dust cover for the Vinyl Cleaner. It is well made, looks great and fits into place easily. Keeps unwanted dust from entering the cleaner.

Peak Acrylic Dust Cover £75.00; next day delivery £16.00.

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) Accessory Review


Audio Desk Systeme website

Acrylic Dust Cover for the audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner
Peak Acrylic Dust Cover for Vinyl Cleaner

Clearaudio are a manufacturer of some of the best turntables. They also make a range of high quality LP cleaning machines. These work well in the more traditional vacuum suction method. Built to a very high standard in Germany and are very reliable. For those who want an affordable alternative to the ultrasonic vinyl cleaner, we can thoroughly recommend the Smart Matrix Professional.

NEW Smart Matrix Silent LP cleaner. Ultra quiet, automatic fluid application, adjustable 12", 10", 7" (pictured) £1300 
Acrylic dust cover £150

The Double Matrix Professional Sonic record cleaner is probably one of the finest LP cleaners on the market today. Exemplary build quality and based on their highly regarded Double Matrix design but with added sonic cleaning action. The sonic action is applied to each side of the LP simultaneously via carbon fibre filaments that transmit this energy to the film if cleaning fluid that has been applied to the LP surface.  Fully automatic, cleans both side of the LP simultaneously, highly efficient. Very quiet in operation and the cleaning cycle is quick compared to many other LP cleaning machines.

Double Matrix Professional Sonic LP cleaner £3960                              
Acrylic dust cover £190

Pure Groove Groove Essence Fluid
350 ml £25 
700 ml 40
1.75 ml £95 
14 litre £630

Clearaudio website

Smart Matrix Silent LP cleaner
Smart Matrix Silent LP cleaner

Double Matrix Professional Sonic
Double Matrix Professional Sonic

Vinyl Ionizer

Vinyl Ionizer ION-001

This innovative new product from DS Audio generates both positive and negative ions which neutralise and removes the static charge from vinyl records whilst playing.

The source of static electricity is created by many actions. Removing the LP from the inner sleeve (even an anti-static one) and the outer jacket, the stylus drag whilst playing the LP, and just rotating the LP in a dry atmosphere all contribute to static build up. Most of our living spaces that are centrally heated have very low humidity levels which exacerbate the build-up of static electricity.

The ION-001 emits both positive and negative ions from dual outlets in a controlled fashion effectively eliminating the static electricity charge from the record surface whilst it is playing. The effect on sound is very pronounced and makes for a more natural tonal balance with authoritative dynamics.

The ION-001 is equipped with 4 ionisers: two each for positive and negative ions. It incorporates a specially designed power supply controller that suppresses the generation of excess ozone preventing unwanted oxidation. The output of the ions is “fan less” and is therefore silent in operation and inaudible whilst the record is played.

The elegant, architectural tower shape allows for simple and quick installation standing next to most turntable designs with platter heights up to 18 cm/7 inches. For taller turntables an additional support is required. Ideal positioning is 5 to 8 cm from the record surface but is effective even 15 cm away. Due to the shape of the ION-001, it does not impede changing vinyl records.

The ION-001 will also remove static electricity from CDs. Treat them briefly, 15-20 seconds, in their jewel case prior to inserting into the CD player.

ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer £1500

It is quite simply outstanding, or at least it is here! I would automatically include it in any system if budget allowed.

Mr R R, London

An essential accessory for vinyl playback the sound is so much more palpably real with a focus to the soundstage and an immediate believability that you are listening to actual instruments rather than a recorded mix of music. I find it very hard to listen to any clean LP without it. Well worth the price and sound for pound a real bargain in terms of improvement.

I am impressed with at least four things from this investment for my vinyl replay. Firstly it looks really great, it is a quality item. Secondly it allows the record to remain clean, even after an audiodesksysteme ultrasonic wash, there is simply no dust or static felt. Thirdly the stylus seems to remain clean and have very little residue even after a few sides, the DS Audio Stylus Cleaner has very little work to do! Fourthly and most significantly the music enhanced in a quantum leap way that you feel I have a whole new system.

I am so glad to have purchased the DS ION-001. Each record I play has a whole new level of emotional involvement and realism. The challenge is then to listen to the music rather than thinking wow how did that just happen! It's a keeper!

Mr M Brown, Kent

DS-Audio website

ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer
ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer
ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer


Clearaudio are manufacturers of high quality items totally dedicated to vinyl replay. They make some of the best sounding turntables, beautiful designed and simple to set up. Made in Germany to exacting standards they offer high levels of reliability. The Innovation range incorporates a minimalist base based made of very stiff bullet proof wood laminate within aluminium outer surfaces. This principal in extended as the models go from the Innovation Compact through to the state of the art Statement.

Some models offer a non contact magnetic drive mechanisms for ultra low noise. This technology has also been applied to some of their tone arm designs which use a unique fully magnetic bearing mechanism that has no friction. There are also three tangential, linear tracking arms available for the correct tracking of the LP groove in the manner which it was cut resulting in no groove distortion whatsoever.

The more affordable turntable packages include the Concept the Performance DC. These offers a remarkable level of sound quality not normally associated with these price points. The Concept packages is ready to go straight from the box; the Performace DC needs some simple assembly of the tonearm and cartridge. This can be done by us, free of charge, if preferred but the assembled turntable would need to be collected from our studio.These packages offer superb sound and exceptional value compared to any other brand at these price points. Fine details are very easily resolved, dynamics are fast and precise, and rhythm is paced correctly.


Concept MM package silver or black £1390 

Concept MC package, black or silver £1810

Concept MM Wood, dark or light, package £1860 
Concept MC Wood, dark or light, package £2310

Concept Essence MC package £2380

Performance DC including Clarify tonearm and Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge £3410

Performance DC Rose Gold/redwood chassis (pictured) - turntable only £2880
Performance DC Rose Gold/black chassis - turntable only £2350

Performance DC Wood- choice of colours with either dark red or light wood chassis - turntable only £2400
Performance DC silver of black - turntable only  £1950

Ovation - natural wood with OSC and CMB £5570
Ovation - black lacquer with OSC and CMB £5970

Innovation Basic – silver/wood + clear platter £4610 
Innovation Basic – black + black platter £4720

Innovation Compact – silver/wood + clear platter(pictured) £5970                              
Innovation Compact – black + black platter £6170

Innovation – silver/wood + clear platter £8770
Innovation – black + black platter £9330

Clearaudio website

Innovation Compact turntable
Innovation Compact turntable
Performance DC
Performance DC - rose gold/redwood chassis
Concept MM
Concept MM


Clarify (pictured) £1310

Satisfy aluminium £1200
Satisfy Carbon £1400

Unify – Sapphire unipivot/ carbon fibre
 - silver/black 9" £1790
– silver/black 10" £1860 
– silver/black 12" £2000 
– silver/black 14" £2110 

Tracer - silver or black £1910

Magnify £2910 

Universal 9" £4610 
Universal 12" £5010

Tangential TT5 £2260 
Tangential TT3 £3310
Tangential TT3 hardwired £3480 (1.0m cable) 
Tangential TT3 hardwired £3560 (1.5m cable)                             

Tangential TT2 (pictured) £8530

Clearaudio website

Clarify tone arm
Clarify tone arm
Tangential TT3 tone arm
Tangential TT3 tone arm

We are pleased to announce our support for this iconic Japanese brand and have invested in a few of their extensive range of high-end audiophile products. This includes the new PD-151 turntable and tonearm combination as a well as a CD player and two integrated amplifiers. More detailed information will follow shortly.

PD-151 Turntable with matching tone arm £4500

Luxman website

Luxman PD-151

Nottingham Analogue is British company manufacturing a wide range of turntables, all built to last. The company offers lifetime guarantees on all its components. Their combination of carefully chosen, different materials, results in a unique method of damping excess energy. A natural tonal balance and good timing is the result. Their tonearms are constructed as a carbon/aluminium composite and all have undamped uni-pivot bearings. For those that prefer gimbal bearings, an adaptor to fit SME tonearms is available to order.We have found the Spacedeck and the Hyperspace to be the most popular although others from their range can be obtained to order.

The NEW improved Hyperspace Deck looks amazing with a high quality of finish to both the turntable and high gloss black plinth that puts to shame many more famous, and more expensive, brands. The very high mass platter, finished off as standard with the Heavy Duty sintered carbon top plate, reduces noise floor to about the lowest level we have heard. Our demonstration model is fitted with the 12" Ace Space Arm which offers exceptional sound, and exceptional value for money, compared to other 12" tone arms on the market.    

We have recently added the Space 294 turntable to our portfolio. This is based on the Space Deck but dedicated to 12" tonearms only and features an oversized platter for additional mass. Our demonstration model includes the (optional) upgrade platter kit, made from the carbon ceramic material that uniquely damps most of the undesirable resonances in the system getting to the LP and, as with the Hyperspace, results a very low noise floor. At a total combined cost of £3510, this offers an exceptional sound for this price point, rivalling many brands that costs 2-3 times more.

Products on Demonstration

SpaceDeck with 10" Ace Space Arm £2170.00 (pictured)
Ace SpaceDeck with 10" Ace Space arm £2400.00

Space 294 (for 12" arms only) with Ace Space 12" arm £2880.00

Hyperspace £2950.00
Hyperspace with 10" Ace Space Arm £3850.00
Hyperspace with 12" Ace Space Arm £4000.00 (pictured)

Heavy Duty Upgrade Platter kits for Space/Ace Space Deck £570.00
Heavy Duty Upgrade Platter kit for Space 294 Deck £630.00

SME tonearm adaptors/arm boards to order

SPECIAL PRICES for mail order, self-install, please phone for details.
Other products could be available. Please ring for details.

Nottingham Analogue website

Ace Space Deck with 10" Ace Space arm
Ace Space Deck with 10" Ace Space arm
Space 294 turntable with 12" Ace Space Arm
Space 294 turntable with 12" Ace Space Arm
Hyperspace with 12" Ace space Arm
Hyperspace with 12" Ace space Arm


This respected Swiss company has been making cartridges for many years and also supplies parts to other cartridge companies. Their sound is very natural, slightly warm tonal balance with a very large soundstage. Cartridge loading requirements are 500 ohms or higher up to around 10Kohms.

ACE SL output 0.3mV (pictured) £695
ACE SM and SH £695 

Glider SL output 0.35mV £895
Glider SM and SH £895 

Wood SL output 0.35mV £1095
Wood SM and SH £1095

Reference S output 0.3mV £1895
Gullwing SLR output 0.34mV (pictured) £2295
Gullwing SHR output 0.7mV £2295
Ebony SL output 0.35mV £2495
Ebony SM, SH and STR £2495

Ruby Z output 0.35mV £2495
Ruby Z H output 0.7mV £2495


LP output 0.34mV (pictured) £2495
LP S output 0.34mV £2795

SPECIAL PRICES for mail order, self-install – please phone for details. 

Benz-Micro website

ACE medium output 0.8mV
ACE medium output 0.8mV
Gullwing SLR output 0.34mV
Gullwing SLR output 0.34mV
LP S with ebony body output 0.34mV
LP S with ebony body output 0.34mV

The new MC cartridges from Clearaudio offer some of the most natural sounds with one of the largest soundstages from any manufacturer. Based on unique 24 kt gold coils and differing body materials, the performance and dynamic range increase up the model range to the state of the art Goldfinger Statement.

They also make a range of fine sounding MM cartridges. During demonstrations using these cartridges, customers have to be reminded they are listening to a MM design, not a MC. They are that dynamic, fast and elegant. There are too many to list here so please phone for further advice and prices.

Concept MC £750
Essence MC £1110

Talisman V2 Ebony body (pictured) £1510 
Concerto V2 Satin wood body, 70dB dynamic range(pictured) £2310
Stradivari V2 Ebony body, 80dB dynamic range £3210 
Da Vinci V2 Aluminium body, 90dB dynamic range £4720 
Titanium V2 Titanium body, 95dB dynamic range (pictured) £6920 
Goldfinger Solid gold body, 12 magnets, 100 dB dynamic range £12040

SPECIAL PRICES for mail order.

Clearaudio website

DS Audio is a Japanese R&D company experienced in laser and infra-red LED optical technology. They have developed a radically new approach to the phono cartridge based on an optical system that does away with moving coils and moving magnets. It uses an optical system that converts the stylus/cantilever movement into audio signals. This completely eliminates electromagnetic and frictional forces that are endemic in traditional MM and MC designed cartridges.

Traditional cartridges rely on magnets or coils to generate an electrical signal. The optical cartridge uses a beam of light to detect cantilever movement. The vibrations from the stylus reading the groove are transferred to a wand that creates shadow movements on to an optical detector screen. These are then converted as electrical signals transferred to the equaliser, the equivalent of a phono stage for conventional cartridges.

With coils, magnets and magnetic fields removed, the cantilever system is much lighter and more agile making it much faster in its response to groove undulations. The signal produced from optical screen is more linear making equalisation a much simpler process. The result is the most natural sound from vinyl LPs than with electromagnetic devices.

All DS Audio cartridges look like a conventional cartridge. They have solid aluminium bodies, the stiffness of the material used varying between models. The DS-002 and DS-W2 have aluminium or boron cantilevers respectively tipped with a Shibata stylus. The DS Master1 uses a sapphire cantilever and micro ridge shaped stylus.

They are installed in a tone arm exactly as you would any cartridge to establish geometry, arm height and playing weight. Because the output is generated optically, via infra-red LED, it requires power and this is fed from the supplied custom phono equaliser via the green and blue pins. The supplied equaliser has to be used as these optical cartridges cannot be used with conventional phono stages.

The equaliser supplied for the DS-002 and DS-W2 are housed in substantial aluminium cases, a high quality item in itself. The equaliser for the DS Master 1 is massive and weighs 24 kg. This is due to its discrete dual mono analogue circuitry with three dedicated power supplies, and large banks of capacitors. All equalisers include the option of a subsonic filter to cope with excessive bass frequencies that can exist on some LPs, or if the LP is substantially warped. The equaliser for the DS Master 1 features three separate low frequency cut off points, each accessed by either single ended RCA or balanced outputs. 

The most important difference is the sound. From first listening to a DS W1 I was struck by how natural this cartridge is, and how different from conventional MC or MM cartridges. The background noise level is so low that transparency was exceptional. The air and space in the soundstage amongst the best – if not the best - I have heard. Dynamics sweeps such as a full orchestra going from soft to loud, tympani and brass, sounded so fast and so lifelike. Strings were sweet and rich in tone, just like in a concert hall, without any hint of “screech”. By sweet I do not mean overly warm through colouration. Piano notes have decays and detail that are resolved easily which are not so obvious when heard with conventional MC cartridges, except from perhaps some of the most expensive models. Absolutely no hint of hifi artifice. The DS-W1 has now been superseded with the DS-W2 which now incorporates technology from the DS-Master 1, both with improved wire suspension system and within the equaliser.

With the recent introduction of the DS 002 model and equaliser, which also incorporates the trickle down technology from the DS Master 1 development, this radical new optical cartridge technology is now more affordable. The most notable design improvement is the cantilever which is more precisely positioned within the newly developed wire suspension system that holds the cantilever. The optical screen is also placed nearer to the stylus tip providing a more accurate reading of the groove undulations resulting in a more transparent sound. 

NEW. There is now a new entry model product called the DS E1. This features a precision machined aluminium body similar to those in the other DS Audio cartridges. The wire suspension system is also the same as in all other models. It has an aluminium cantilever with an elliptical stylus. The DS E1 equaliser has an amplifier at the heart of its circuit greatly reducing the number of components required. Hence the casework is more compact, around 1/3 the size of the DS-002 equaliser. This model now on demonstration.

For those serious about obtaining the most tonally correct, most natural sound from their LPs, whatever the music genre preferred, these cartridges should be auditioned. It is a radically different approach to vinyl replay and it comes with its own phono equaliser and power supply.

NOW AVAILABLE. The new DS-ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer. Totally removes static energy from the vinyl LP whilst playing. More details and photos soon. Book a demonstration hear this amazing product and its effect on the sound quality. £1500.00


DS Audio DS-W1 by Ken Kessler, HiFi News September 2015 DS Audio DS-W1 by Ken Kessler, HiFi News September 2015 (1105 KB)

I am delighted with the DS-W1. I have had some time to set it up and listen to it now and have also had two audiophile friends over to listen. All three of us think it presents a unique sound which is the best we have heard in almost every way; it almost requires a re-tuning of the ear it is so different. I had demoed a strain gauge before and I believe this surpasses that in sound and technology. The more I listen to the DS-W1 the more impressed I am. The number one unique and abiding quality is foot tappingly good timing and speed - you would think that was a given but it really isn’t and I don’t believe anything I have ever heard comes close this. It is a bargain!

Mr C G Bedfordshire, UK

The DS-W1’s astonishing speed and unfettered dynamics (micro and macro) give it that breath of intimacy that brings music and musicians vividly to life… Never have I heard a cartridge that can capture instrumental textures or vocal nuance….as naturally and effortlessly as this.

Roy Gregory, HiFi Plus issue 136.

I have never heard such wonderful sound. Just speechless! Yes, I was shocked at the incredible dynamic sweeps, the blackness of the back ground and the speed of the transients.

Ken Kessler, HiFi News September 2015

DS-E1 Optical Cartridge and Equaliser £2420
DS-002 Optical Cartridge and Equaliser £5050 
DS-W2 Optical Cartridge and Equaliser £10420
DS-Master 1 Optical Cartridge and Equaliser £20000

DS Audio now offer the sale of their cartridges and equalisers separately allowing customers to choose whichever combination suits them.

Optical Cartridges only

DS-E1 £1010
DS-002 £2000
DS-W2 £3160
DS Master 1 £7370

Equaliser only

DS-E1 equaliser £1410
DS-002 equaliser £3050
DS-W2 equaliser £7260
DS Master 1 equaliser £12630.

DS Audio website

DS Master1
DS Master1

Kiseki, a classic cartridge manufacturer from the 1980s, have been revamped and redesigned in 2013. After two years of experimenting, testing many different materials and techniques has resulted in better, new cartridges. The two moving coil models are the Blue N.S. (new style) and the PurpleHeart N.S.

The bodies are now shorter which makes it easier to install in most tone arms in today's market. The shape is a squarer body and the internal design is based on their NOS cartridges but with all parts from current production.

The Kiseki Blue N.S. has a body machined from solid aluminium, an aluminium cantilever, and the motor built from the best available parts. This model surpasses the sound of the original Blue from the 1980s and the more recent Blue N.O.S. 

The Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. has a body made from rare purpleheart wood which turns from brown to a warm purple colour after exposure to sunlight. It has a thin boron cantilever and fine diameter diamond. Very lightweight at 7 grams. A true high-end cartridge at an realistic price.

A very natural and beguiling sound from both models, marginally on the warmer side of neutral. The sound stage is large and deep but probably not as much as those from the Benz-Micro or the Clearaudio cartridge equivalents. 

Blue N.S. £1695
PurpleHeart £2495

Kiseki website

Kiseki Blue NS Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Kiseki Blue NS Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Kiseki Purple Heart NS Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Kiseki Purple Heart NS Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

A well established Japanese manufacturer (assembled and tested by Yoshinori Mishima) and sound engineered by Jonathan Carr. Excellent transparency and all are capable of large soundstages. A neutral tonal balance with good bass response but with a slightly more forward presentation of the soundstage than the other brands we offer. Cartridge loading optimally around 1000 Ohms but comfortable into higher or lower values.

There are new Lambda variants of the Etna and Atlas models available. The Lambda technology takes the New Angle tapered dampers development a step further by separating the cantilever pre-loading elements into two components. Stability and sonic performance are significantly improved over the previous variants. These Lambda improvements apply to both single coil models (Etna SL and Atlas SL) and the standard double coil layer models (Etna and Atlas) The availability of these models will be limited and back orders being taken now. 

Upgrades from existing Lyra cartridges to the new Etna and Atlas Lambda models is possible,. Please call for exact details and pricing.

Delos output 0.60mV £1395

Kleos output 0.5mV £2895
Kleos SL 0.25mV £3095
Kleos mono 0.25mV £3095

Etna Lambda output 0.56mV £6895
Etna Lambda SL output 0.25mV £7495
Etna Lambda mono output 0.25mV £7495

Atlas Lambda output 0.56mV £9395
Atlas Lambda SL output 0.25mV £10295
Atlas Lambda mono output 0.25mV £10295 

SPECIAL PRICES for mail order, self-install – please phone for details.

There are upgrade options from an existing Lyra cartridge, even older, discontinued models, to another model in the range. A new cartridge will be supplied on return of the old cartridge. There are two tiers of pricing for the upgrades; the second tier is for older Lyra models and for Delos or Kleos models. Please call for more information and prices. 

Lyra website

Etna Lambda
Etna Lambda
Atlas Lambda
Atlas Lambda

Stylus Cleaner

This stylus cleaner consists of a gel made from a urethane resin developed for eliminating micro dust in laboratory clean rooms. It is simple and very safe to use; you just drop the stylus into it 2/3 times at the tracking weight of your cartridge. Many alternative cleaning methods apply excessive force to the stylus and to the cantilever.

The gel removes even the most tenacious dirt very effectively, especially the dirt that accumulates on the back of the diamond. It takes seconds to carry out this cleaning operation and worth doing after every 2/3 sides played, the difference in sound quality is easily heard. 

Placing the slim, elegant container onto the platter and cuing the tonearm over it is an easy operation, as easy as cuing your LP. And low risk for any damage to occur due to the excellent design of the how the gel sits inside its metal case. It is the best design we have encountered based on similar concept alternatives on the market.

When very dirty, the gel can be washed in warm water to return it to as-new condition.

One of our customers, who was amongst the first to buy, says it is one of the biggest "upgrades" to the sound of his vinyl replay system he had encountered in a while. 

ST-50 Stylus Cleaner £80.00 free postage.

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) Accessory Review


DS-Audio website

ST-50 Stylus Cleaner

Phono Cables

Furutech make three extremely good sounding phono cables. From the well-priced entry level AG-12, rivalling many more expensive cables from other brands at 2-3 times the price, to the renowned Silver Arrows. High levels of transparency, well balanced timbres across the frequency range, fast dynamics, and extracting fine detail without being clinical. There is now a new AG-16 phono leas that sits between these two original models offering a high quality sound at an affordable price. All these phono cables are built to the highest standards, using Furutech’s own high purity conductors and their market leading connectors. A prime recommendation for all discerning vinyl audiophiles.

AG-12 DIN to RCA 1.2 m £425 
AG-12 RCA to RCA 1.2 m £425 
AG-12 L-DIN to RCA 1.2 m £470

AG-16 DIN to RCA 1.2 m £965 
AG-16 RCA to RCA 1.2 m £965 
AG-16 L-DIN to RCA 1.2 m £1020
AG16 XLR DIN-XLR 1.2 m £1020
AG16 RCA-RCA 1.2m £1020

Silver Arrows II DIN to RCA 1.2 m £1810
Silver Arrows II L-DIN to RCA 1.2 m £1810
Silver Arrows II RCA to RCA 1.2 m £1870
Silver Arrow II DIN to XLR 1.2 m £1870

Furutech website

Silver Arrows II
Silver Arrows II

Phono Stages

AAPhono phono pre-amplifier

The new Pure AA Line products from Audio Analogue include a superb phono stage. Half width chassis very solidly built to a high standard of finish with a high quality component specification. Film and foil capacitors used for the RIAA equalisation. Easy to install and use, simple in operation. Switchable from MM to MC; cartridge resistance and capacitance loading done by buttons discretely placed under the front panel.

AAPhono black or silver £1599.00

Audio Analogue website


Clearaudio make a range of high quality, fuss free, beautifully constructed phono stages. Some of their models offer auto impedance matching hence no adjustments to make when changing cartridge models. An optional battery power supply can added to the ‘+’ models for an even further reduced noise level. Their sound is neutral with no emphasis on any frequency range creating the largest soundstage that the cartridge is capable of.

The Basic V2 and the Balanced V2 phono stages have been completely designed and upgraded to give even better performance. These phono stages were always amongst the best and quietest we have heard and the V2 versions take them to another level above. The restyled casework is now similar to that of the Absolute Phono and enhances the pride of ownership. These two models are extremely simple in operation as they have auto cartridge loading. No switches or modules to adjust!

The Absolute Phono Inside design is something extremely special. Dual mono and fully balanced in construction it is one of the best, if not the best, phono stage we have heard, at any price. Extremely silent, low noise results in superb dynamics and the ability to resolve the finest details on the recording. The result are a large, deep soundstage with each instrument/vocalist occupying their own space. A revelation. It is not by any means a low cost item but the best rarely is.

Nano Phono V2 £350 
Nano Phono V2 Headphone £390
Smart Phono V2 £590 
Smart Phono V2 Headphone £660 
Basic V2  £990
Balance V2 £2510
Absolute Phono (pictured) silver or black £11040 
Absolute Phono Inside silver or black £11040


Clearaudio Absolute Phono review by Adam Smith Hifi News 2015 Clearaudio Absolute Phono review by Adam Smith Hifi News 2015 (3044 KB)

The Clearaudio Absolute Phono Inside is arguably a landmark MC phono stage design, albeit a costly one. Ostensibly simple on the outside, the two-box solution is intelligently conceived and expertly executed. The result is a truly captivating sound quality that is difficult to criticise on any level.

Adam Smith, Hifi News 2015

Clearaudio website

Basic +
Basic V2
Balance V2
Absolute Phono

Record Clamps/Weights

Record Weight

This device may look like many others but the effect on the sound of the turntable is very different. This record weight will fit over the spindle of almost all turntables and is to be used in place of those supplied with clamps. It places the Harmonic Resolution System (HRS) proprietary polymer compound in intimate contact with the LP over the label area. This polymer compound absorbs the vibrational energy generated by the stylus reading the LP groove or the structure borne energy that is transmitted through the chassis and from the platter bearing. Removing these resonances, the sound from the LP is far more natural, less distorted especially at the higher frequencies, and much more transparent. Soundstages become deeper because the finest details that resolve the space of the recording venue are more apparent and image focus is more precise. Our customers say that once they play their vinyl systems with this record weight, they cannot listen to their LPs without using it.

Please note this is not a threaded clamp so it will not flatten a warped record. However, even when used with warped LPs the sonic benefit is still very apparent.

We have trial samples available for home evaluation. Please phone for details.

Products on Demonstration

ADL Analogue Disc weight (pictured) £265                          
ADH Stainless Steel Disc weight (pictured) £495                          
The new stainless steel version of ADH weight is now available in adition to the ADL. This is made from non-magnetic stainless steel and has 3 times the mass of the ADL. It is optimised for higher mass, non-suspended turntables. Only be available in the natural machined stainless steel finish.

The initial response from a few customers who have bought ADH weights report an extremely large upgrade in levels of transparency compared to the already superb performance generated from using the ADL.

HRS system components will prove to be an essential collection to remove noise from your hi-fi. And less noise, of course, means more music.

Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man, Dec 16

Read the full review

There is a whole level more clarity, lower noise floor and tonally more neutral. More than justifies the additional cost difference.

Harmonic Resolution Systems website

ADL Analogue Disc weight
ADH Stainless Steel Disc weight