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Kudos Audio, a long-established UK company, create of some of the finest sounding speakers in the world. They tune all their loudspeakers systems by ear, which is the correct way with any audio design.

Their speakers have a neutral tonal balance, are very precise in imaging, and are well balanced across the frequencies. A high resolution of finer details produces a broad and deep soundstage with a life-like presentation.

A long-standing relationship with SEAS has resulted in drive units designed specifically for Kudos loudspeakers.

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he main characteristic we look for in any speaker its ability to generate a holographic image, with depth, as well as width. Omni-directional speakers do this more easily than conventional forward-facing dynamic designs.

Duevel, a family run business from Germany, have an impressive range of omni-directional speakers. From their entry point upwards, all models deliver a wide and deep soundstage with an organic presentation. The large sweet spot offers a live concert experience.

Duevel’s realistic pricing offers an affordable entry into this type of speaker technology.

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Amphion loudspeakers are designed and made in Finland. The key to their sound is their controlled dispersion technology, which enables their speakers to achieve a very musical sound repeatable in a variety of rooms.

The Argon range offers a high level of sound quality and are extremely well made. The soundstage is expansive, their tone and timbre very natural, and no listener fatigue due to excessive brightness. Bass is extended, well controlled with no exaggeration.

An unusual passive-radiator designs from mid-way up the model line offers better room integration.

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