Equipment Supports

Isolating all the components in the audio chain, from sources to speakers, is most important in getting the best performance they are capable of.

When done correctly, this removes the negative effects of acoustic feedback, internal transformer vibrations, and de-coupling from the mass of the support. The result of this can be quite startling, with an increase in the size and depth of the image, more precise focus, and a more correct tonal balance. Rhythm is easier to follow and the listening experience becomes more real.

There are many products on the market, many of them designed to look smart but are badly thought through in acoustic terms and/or are made from materials that are detrimental to sounding natural. In our experience, undamped glass, random use of most metals, and marble, have no place in good equipment supports.


We can supply Atacama stands and accessories. As the range is vast so please call with your requirements for a quotation. Excellent prices for self install.

They have modular designs both damped glass and their new bamboo shelves both available with painted steel legs  The bamboo based shelves have natural self damping properties and make a contribution to improved sound. The finishes are natural, light oak stain or dark oak stain. They come in either 3 or 4 leg support modules.

Atacama website

Evoque ECO stand

The simple, elegant GEM Separates stand system offer a good solution for many domestic situations. Their laminated glass (Acoustilam) and the damped steel legs result is a very good sound at affordable prices. The standard module is 600 x 400 mm but custom sizes are made to order. For example 650 x 400 mm or 700 x 500 mm can offer greater flexibility at a modest price premium. There are a variety of painted glass and coloured steel support option to suit every combination or decorative taste. Please phone with your requirements for a quotation. Excellent prices for self install.

Futureglass website


This manufacturer makes the best equipment supports for high quality audio that we have heard. Based on their experiences in the military and space vehicle industry, the control of resonance and eliminating unwanted noise reveals the full potential of the equipment and indeed the music it is playing. The highest resolution revealed due to a huge reduction in the noise floor.


The simple, elegant GEM Separates stand system offer a good solution for many domestic situations. Their laminated glass (Acoustilam) and the damped steel legs result is a very good sound at affordable prices. The standard module is 600 x 400 mm but custom sizes are made to order. For example 650 x 400 mm or 700 x 500 mm can offer greater flexibility at a modest price premium. There are a variety of painted glass and coloured steel support option to suit every combination or decorative taste. Please phone with your requirements for a quotation. Excellent prices for self install.

Futureglass website


VXR Series Reference Level Frame

The VXR frame system was launched at the Munich High End Show in May 2016. It is a new modular design, similar to the SXR concept, and infinitely flexible in terms of width and height combinations. It replaces the MXR design as the flagship frame system. The frame is made from billet aircraft grade aluminium to produce a frame system of the maximum stiffness resulting in the lowest level of noise reduction of any equipment support. An industry reference level product thus revealing the true performance of the very best audio electronics available today. 

VXR-1921-1V 1 level frame (amplifier base) £7595 
VXR-1921-2V 2 level frame £14295 - 15495 (8" - 12" struts) 
VXR-1921-3V 3 level frame £20795 
VXR-1921-4V 4 level frame £27095  
VXR-1921-5V 5 level frame £33495

Available in Black or Silver.

Please note Isolation Bases are ordered separately. The isolation bases recommended for use with the VXR Reference frame would the M3X2 Series for optimal performance. However the S3 Series isolation bases could also be used with a small reduction in performance for secondary components at a lower cost.

M3X2-1921 Isolation Base £3196 each; S3-1921 Isolation base £2446 each. For more detailed information and different size options see below.

There is Solid Brace Insert to support particularly heavy components available at £2696 (1 pair) per frame level.


VXR-1921-4V VXR-1921-4V VXR-1921-4V VXR-1921-4V VXR-1921-4V

SXR Series Frame 

The SXR stands system is a simpler design but offering infinite flexibility both in terms of height and width. Additional modules can be added at any time as a retro fit. Again, very much the HRS beneficial effect on sound at a reduced level but at more affordable prices. There are two width options available and modules can go up 6 levels high. The 1 level module is ideal as amplifier stand. We have this system in our showrooms for viewing and evaluation.

Examples of popular options:

SXR-1719-3V 3 level frame £6196
SXR-1719-4V 4 level frame £7996

SXR-1921-3V 3 level frame £6196                              
SXR-1921-4V 4 level frame £7996

SXR-1719-1V 1 level (amplifier base) £2496 
SXR-1921-1V 1 level (amplifier base) £2496

SXR Double or Triple width options, plus Tiered Systems can be configured. The price is the total of the integrated frame prices shown above. Please call for more detail and a price quotation. 

Isolation bases are to be ordered separately. The usual isolation base recommended for use with the SXR frame is the S3 Series. However the M3X2 Series isolation bases can also be used for enhanced performance and would bring the overall sound improvement closer to that of the VXR frame and bases.

S3-1719 Isolation Base £2296 each; S3-1921 £2446 each. For more detailed information see below.

To improve frame stiffness and load bearing capabilities, there are Solid Brace Inserts available. They can be purchased with the frame or retro fitted at a later date. This again narrows the performance gap between the SXR and MXR frames. £1796 (1 pair) per frame level.

SXR 3 tier equipment support with S1 isolation bases
SXR 3 tier equipment support with S1 isolation bases

New Product SXRC Series Frame


This new frame system, called the SXRC Series, is a modified SXR design to support and optimise the performance of large audio components. The SXRC series will be available in many different width and depth increments. From widths of 15" to 23", and depths of 21" to 31", this allows HRS to custom fit a support for every amplifier in the world.
The SXRC Series Audio Stands is a custom 8 support, twin cross bar frame system with the support structure running front to back. The new frame series can also be expanded vertically to any height to support as many components as desired. Furthermore it can be expanded or contracted vertically at any time after the initial purchase. There are 3 standard support strut heights (6", 8", 10") with an additional 3 custom strut heights (12", 14", 16"). The heights stated indicate the space provided by the strut, not the actual length.

With the trend towards very large and very heavy components, such as those provided by Edge Electronics, Constellation, Boulder, Solution amplifiers, to name but a few, the new frame system allows for the addition and subtraction of HRS Isolator Elements to the M3X bases it supports as needed. This allows HRS to optimize the performance of every amplifier weighing from 1 lb to 500 lbs, and can be available in at least 25 custom size combinations.
The SXRC Series will be fitted with custom M3X Isolation Bases that match the frame size (isolation bases are sold separately). The Isolation Bases will be made so that they are adjustable to suit a wide range of amplifier weights. Each custom M3X base will be optimized for the specific amplifier at time of order but owners will be able to have it rebuilt for any other amplifier, if changed in the future, which will fit on existing base.


SXRC 1923-2-1V one level amplifier support, 19" wide x 23" deep £p.o.a
SXRC 1923-2-2V two level mono amplifiers support. 19" wide x 23" deep £p.o.a

Each SXRC audio stand is available on custom order basis only. Please call for further information and a firm quotation.

SXRC Series Frame SXRC Series Frame SXRC Series Frame
SXRC Series Frame

RXR Series Frame

The RXR Frame and R-Shelve system is designed to bring the HRS noise reduction characteristics from the VXR and SXR into a more affordable package. Due to the use of wood and a innovative method of adding stiffness, there is a substantial benefit to sound considering the price offered. The shelves are individually adjustable at 30 mm spacings. A very attractive design produces a more domestic friendly appeal and is offered in two finishes: maple and black. 

The new RXR frame system is priced as follows:

RXR-1719-3V 3 level £5496
RXR-1719-4V 4 level £6595                              
RXR-1719-5V 5 level £7796

RXR-1719-1V amplifier platform £1696 

RXR-1921-3V 3 level £5496                              
RXR-1921-4V 4 level (pictured) £6596
RXR-1921-5V 5 level £7796 

RXR-1921-1V amplifier platform £1696 

RXR-2123-2-1V amplifier platform £1796

Standard finish clear maple; black finish add 10%. All frames are priced without shelves. 

RS Series Shelf - for RXR frames only - black and silver - 1719 and 1921 sizes £496; 2123 size £596. 

The R3X isolation base can also be used with the RXR frame system. It has a much better performance than the R Series shelf. There is new E-1 isolation base now available that  bring the entry level for bases down to a more affordable level.  See below for further details on sizes and prices

Roy Gregory has had a good listen to the RXR frame and R-Shelves and gives his appraisal in his Audio Beat blog. He concludes:

Using the RXR rack and R-Shelves will significantly drop the noise floor of your system, improve dynamic range and resolution, as well as its range of tonal color and the harmonic character of instruments. What it does is reduce the blurring and compression (temporal, dynamic and harmonic) caused by spurious energy and mechanical feedback. As you will see once you get to read the full review, that’s just the start. Work with the range of different (HRS) platforms, chassis dampers and couplers… and the results can be absolutely remarkable.

For the full article and photographs, please read here

Harmonic Resolution Systems website

RXR-1921 – 4V

Isolation Bases

These isolation bases have been highly acclaimed even when used with other manufacturers equipment supports and are especially beneficial under turntables and CD players. The flagship M3X Series basesare based on granite embedded in a one piece aluminium tray separated by the HRS proprietary polymer. Underneath the aluminium platform are four round aluminium feet isolated from the base with a compliant rubber like polymer. The load range of the isolation base is optimised to give maximum resonance control and 4 different grades of these feet are available. These can be changed easily if the equipment on these bases changes.

How they work

They eliminate structure borne vibration and dump chassis noise that usually emanates from the transformers that are in all electronics. The result is one of a far more transparent sound, less high frequency distortion, allowing more detail to be easily heard. This results in a bigger sound stage and a more natural, less hi-fi presentation. The maximum benefit of these platforms is realised when used in conjunction with the MXR or SXR frames but they are very beneficial when used on top of other high quality equipment supports or indeed as free-standing amplifier isolation supports.


M3X2 Series - Black only

There are four sizes available in the M3X2 Series from 19"x 14" to 23"x 21".

Example of price:

M3X2-1419 Isolation Base £2496                              
M3X2-1719 Isolation Base £2896                              
M3X2-1921 Isolation Base £3196 
M3X2-1923 Isolation Base £3595 
M3X2-1925 Isolation Base £3996 
M3X2-2123 Isolation Base £4096

Load Ranges for 1921 size:
ORANGE 0-11.5 kg
RED 11.6-18.3 kg
GREEN 18.4-36.4 kg
BLUE 36.5-61.2 kg

Please call for load ranges for other sizes of M3X2 isolation bases.

Custom sizes and isolator loading arrangements can be made to special order – please phone for details and a quotation.


M3 Isolation Base

S3 Series - Black or Silver

The S3 Series Isolation Bases are designed to go with the SXR frame system (see above) but also can be used with the MXR frame where there are budget restraints. This offers a good proportion of the performance of the M3X Isolation Base but at significantly reduced cost. These are constructed from an aircraft grade aluminium surface and a multi-part aluminium ‘tray’.

S3-1719 Isolation Base £2446 
S3-1921 Isolation Base £2296

Load Ranges for 1921 size:
ORANGE 0-11.5 kg
RED 11.6-20.6 kg
GREEN 20.7-38.7 kg
BLUE 38.8-63.5 kg

Please call for loading on 1719 size bases.

Custom sizes and isolator loading arrangements can be made to special order. Please phone for details and a quotation.


S1 Isolation Base
S1 Isolation Base

S1 Isolation Base
SXR Amplifier base with S1 Isolation Base

R3X Series  - Black or Silver

These isolation bases are similar in construction to the S1 Series bases but the surface is made from wood as opposed to aluminium. They offer a good proportion of the HRS effect and are a more affordable way of getting into the HRS isolation system. The R3X has a 28% increase in isolation performance and replaces the R1X Series. 

R3X-1719 Isolation Base £1596 
R3X-1921 Isolation Base (pictured) £1646 

Load Ranges for 1921 size:
YELLOW 0-13.8 kg
RED 13.9-25.1 kg
GREEN 25.2-43.3 kg
BLUE 43.4-68 kg

Please call for loadings of 1719 size bases.

Custom sizes and isolator loading arrangements can be made to special order. Please phone for further details and a quotation.

Harmonic Resolution Systems website

R1X-1921 Isolation Base

Lateral are a relative newcomer to the equipment supports for quality audio systems, founded in the UK by a passionate engineer, Kevin Hancock with specialist, professional experience of designing vibration affected products. In this short time the company has managed to glean many favourable reviews and, moreover, has won HiFi+ 2019 Accessory of the Year for the LAS-4 Concert rack.

Lateral have a specific design ethos of using structures which are minimal in design, high in strength and stiffness, energy absorbent and damped in all areas. Their audio surfaces use premium wood materials and assembly techniques which connect directly into the structure itself, eliminating any excessive materials which may not improve the sound.

By filtering across the audio frequency spectrum with material selection and structural design, the stands absorb and dissipate the instantaneous audio energy from feedback loops. Decoupling and certain strategic points further reduces the noise floor.

In our listening test we found these equipment supports to produce a well-focused and large soundstage. The addition of the Isolation Platform allows for a more transparent sound and very useful for critical source components such as turntables, CD players/DACs and pre-amplifiers. The presentation is detailed but not overly forward. The sound stage and tonal balance is reminiscent of that achieved the Finite Elemente designed supports which are unfortunately no longer made.

Lateral are both attractive and effective, offering a range of supports for differing requirements and budget.

LAS-9 Discovery Stand

This is the entry level rack with many of the technologies from the LAS-4 range and was designed for the contemporary home

Shelves are made from real oak veneered birch ply, with colourful options for the underside of each shelf, visible from the front.

The design uses differing materials, adhesives and internal geometries to add strength and damping to the audio surface

Supports available in 500 mm, 630mm and 780 mm allowing for low wide set up (where multiple stands maybe employed), to more traditional vertical arrangements

Can be upgraded with the Concert Isolation Platform at extra cost

Available in 2 to 5 tier options

Available in Red, White or Black finish options

Prices from £600 to £900

LAS-4 Series Stands

LAS-4 Integral

Shelves are CNC machined birch ply composite construction with oak veneers and are individually supported

Platforms have two CNC milled-out crescents to lower resonance and vibration, as well as aiding ventilation

Machined solid oak legs

Split construction isolates upper tiers on 4 & 5 tier stands via spikes

Support lengths of 500mm, 630mm and 780mm

All LAS-4 models are available with 2 to 5 shelves as standard

Additional tiers can be added to the 4 and 5 tier stands

Available in natural or black finishes (black at extra cost)

Prices from £900 to £1,550

LAS-4 Integral PLUS

The Integral PLUS is as above but includes a single Concert Isolation Platform, and so has the extra depth of performance that the Concert stand displays. This Isolation Platform maximises the performance of the component placed on the top level of the rack. The cone contact points consist of ball-bearings and a carbon fibre disc, which can be used together or individually. There is a difference in sound between using the ball bearing or not and hence the over tonal balance can be slightly tuned to taste.

The Concert Isolation Platform is of similar construction to the shelves, but they are thicker in size, with four-point contact for use over any LAS-4 shelf. The cone contact points are tuneable varying the isolation tiers contained within – see above.

Prices from £1,300 to £1,950

The Concert Isolation Platform is available separately from £450

LAS-4 Concert

The Flagship LAS-4 support

As with the LA-4 Integral but has a Silver or Black anodised aluminium front panel on the top shelf with minimal open construction for maximum performance and includes a single Concert Isolation Platform on the top level

Prices from £1,550 to £2,200

LAS-Amp Stand

Single level audio stand with a high audio performance and a high load bearing capacity of up to 80 kg. The LAS-Amp typically used for very large and heavy stereo amplifiers, or as a pair with mono-blocks

Real oak veneered, birch ply platform

The LAS-Amp contains many technical features that reduce the noise floor

Can be upgraded with the addition of a Concert Isolation Platform at extra cost

For standard depth amplifiers select LAS-Amp (540mm x 440mm)

For deep/large amplifiers select LAS-AmpX (540mm x 540mm)

Prices from £750 to £1,550, dependent on size/specification


This is a larger and wider version of the LAS-4 and offers the same level of performance with similar construction techniques Can be integrated with Concert Isolation Platforms to boost performance

This is available in various widths and depths – please call for more details

Prices from £1,950 to £2,200 for frame and supports.

Concert Isolation Platforms can be added from £450.

Lateral Audio Stands website

LAS-9 Discovery
LAS-9 Discovery
LAS-4 Integral
LAS-4 Integral
LA-4 Concert
LA-4 Concert