The Audio Show, Leamington Spa, 21/22 September 2019

Stephen Harper – Audio Consultants - Friday, October 04, 2019

We were very pleased to have exhibited at this show, the second time it has been held at the Woodland Grange. The footfall in our room was excellent and were close to capacity for all of Saturday and most of Sunday morning.

Many were very complimentary on the sound we produced, considering us amongst the best, if not the best, at the show. We alternated the power amplifier in the system between the new Hegel H390 and the AVM A 6.3 both of which drove the Kudos Titan 606 loudspeakers extremely well which illustrated the respective merits of these superb amplifiers.

We conducted around a dozen presentations over the 2 days illustrating the difference in sound using the same music via high-res downloads and differing ripped files from the excellent Innuos Zenith streamer. We then compared these music files to the same CD played via the superb Hegel Mohican CD player. The Zenith produced a high level of sound quality from the ripped files, but many were very surprised by how good, probably better in many areas, the CD sounded compared to playing the various music files.

DS Audio’s new entry level DS-E1 optical cartridge acquitted itself very well in the Clearaudio Innovation Basic turntable with Tracer tonearm. The cartridge produced a very large sound stage with low noise and high resolution of detail being evident eliciting favourable comments from those listening.

The Audiodesksysteme PRO 2019 ultrasonic vinyl cleaner was on display in both black and white versions and the 7” singles adaptor kit was in place on one of them.

The HRS Nimbus Assemblies and Damping Plates attracted a lot of interest and were in place throughout the system. The support frames were from the RXR range and included the new entry level E-1 isolation bases, all contributing to the quality of sound demonstrated.

All signal cables and power cords were from the GutWire Cable ranges and were very much part of why we achieved such an open and large sound stage demonstrating wide bandwidth and fast dynamics.

We were very encouraged by this event and will be keen to exhibit at this venue again. There is a suggestion of a spring show in 2020 and we will keep our customers informed if this takes place.