Who we are and what we can do for you

The Audio Consultants is a totally independent consultancy in fine audio products. What we major on is sound quality – the most natural and highest level you can achieve, whatever the budget.

We specialise in 2-channel stereo systems for high quality music reproduction. We have over 20 years experience in synergising audio systems to give a natural presentation which can be listened to over long periods without fatigue.

Our systems are designed to present music in the most natural way, never brash or bright.

We believe very much in a three-dimensional sound stage, layering from around the speakers and behind. Never forward, as well recorded music is designed to place you in the ‘best seats in the house’. These are usually about a third to half way back from the stage, not ‘front row’.

We choose our products with great care to ensure a correct tonal balance, whether they be solid state or valve based in their designs.

Our CD players are chosen from a standpoint of good analogue replay and sound very natural. We are also very keen on vinyl replay and have a selection of turntables that get the best from precious LPs.

We have heard many of the the new music file download systems and servers that are on the market and, to us, these are not of sufficient quality yet for us to recommend them over a good quality CD player using standard, Red Book CDs. Convenient they may be but we always will put the quality of sound over convenience.


Our demonstration studios, based on Calleva Business Park, are situated between Reading, Newbury and Basingstoke.

Our demonstration room is approximately 5.25 x 3.7m (17 x 12 ft), very close to a standard living room size. This is comfortably equipped to allow the differences in products to be easily determined.

Demonstrations are by appointment only and are usually booked on a 2 hours minimum. We devote the time to you, and these are planned around your budget and your musical taste. The presentations are always relaxed, never hurried or pressurised. We always try to offer you a choice of at least two options within your budget, and you decide which sounds best to you, not us.


Your selected product, or system, will be installed by us, to ensure that it gives the best it is capable of in your home.

If you wish to collect and install yourself that is also fine with us. In such a case we can be a little flexible with the price of the items purchased – please ask for details.

Our after-sales policy is second to none. In the unlikely event of a product malfunctioning, we will lend you something similar while the product is being attended to. You will not be left without music!



We have several engineers of many years experience who are expert in repairs and up-grades to valve amplification and solid state products.

We can provide a fast, reliable service at reasonable costs even if you have not bought the item from us.