Fine two channel audio systems

Dedicated to producing the highest quality, most natural sounds from 2-channel stereo systems.

Room acoustics treatments specialists using broadband devices. Listen to your audio system not to your room.

Expert resonance control to allow electronics to reveal their true potential.

Turntable and vinyl replay optimisation.

Over 25 years of improving the sound of our customer’s systems.

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A new chassis noise reduction product from HRS: Vortex

A new chassis noise reduction product designed to work with the thicker and stiffer chassis that some larger and heavier electronics are constructed from. Similar to the Nimbus Assemblies but constructed from a stainless steel outer with the HRS proprietary damping medium incorporated within the Vortex, and a Nimbus coupler at the top that is designed to contact with the bottom plate of a chassis.

The Vortex “footers” come in two versions. The V-150 is a fixed height design which has a shallow, but not sharp, point at the underside. The V-150A has an adjustable height device underneath, and a tool is supplied to do this height adjustment when this Vortex is placed underneath the chassis. With 4 or more Vortex units used, the reduction in noise floor of the electronic component is the lowest achievable on the market, allowing the true sonic potential to be heard.

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New Products for 2016

Merging NADAC

After listening to, and being disappointed by, many DACs designed principally for playing music files from a computer, we have finally found one that presents music in a way that is more like that offered by the best CD players. It is from the Swiss company Merging Technologies, who design the highest level of recording equipment for studios, and is called MERGING NADAC – Network Attached Digital to Analogue Converter.

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Acustica Applicata

Acustica Applicata has developed a new variable resonator product called the Volcano, based on the principle of the successful Polifemo but without the iris. The Volcano is shorter, about the size of a DAAD 4, and is designed principally to control the area of complex sound pressure turbulences that occurs between the loudspeakers. The Volcano is the first acoustic device ever designed for this purpose and specifically to treat this area. The sonic improvements when placed in this position are nothing less than spectacular.

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