Fine two channel audio systems

Dedicated to producing the highest quality, most natural sounds from 2-channel stereo systems.

Room acoustics treatments specialists using broadband devices. Listen to your audio system not to your room.

Expert resonance control to allow electronics to reveal their true potential.

Turntable and vinyl replay optimisation.

Over 25 years of improving the sound of our customer’s systems.

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SME Limited

The new turntable from SME is now with us. It is called the Model 15 and sits between the Model 10 and the Model 20/3. Initial impressions of both sound and appearance are very good. We will report in more detail once we have appraised it more thoroughly.

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German Physiks Omnidirectional Loudspeakers.

I first heard a loudspeaker from this manufacturer about 5 years ago and was really impressed with their sound which remained with me as being exceptional. More recently, German Physiks have introduced an entry model based on an early design which is called the Unlimited MkII. 

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Announcing our Musical Event No.3, Reading, 17-18 October 2015

Our latest Musical Event will feature the new German Physiks omnidirectional  loudspeaker, Edge Electronics and AudioDeskSysteme ultrasonic vinyl cleaner. Further details will be announced later.

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