The Audio Consultants Musical Event No.2

Stephen Harper – Audio Consultants - Monday, March 03, 2014

As a result of the many complimentary comments we received on the sound created at the Bristol HiFi Show we are planning to present this system again under more controlled conditions. Our second Musical Event will be held in the in the same venue as our first, some 3 years ago – the Hilton Newbury North. This is conveniently situated at junction 13 of the M4 where it meets the A34. The Musical Event will be held over two days, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March from 10am until 5pm. Free parking will be available at the hotel for our visitors.

The system will feature the reference Edge Electronics amplification, the NL Signature 1.2 battery/AC powered pre-amplifier together with their NL 12.2 high current power amplifier. This is truly fast, dynamic amplification with exceptional transparency that stands out from many in this crowded area of high-end audio products.

We will also be featuring the latest loudspeaker design from Avalon Acoustics – the Compas. This is one of the best loudspeakers to come from this famous manufacturer and must count as one of the best designs in the high-end market today. This speaker is fast, very fast, especially in the bass frequencies. The dynamics are unlike anything we have heard before in any speaker, especially micro-dynamics, even compared to that achievable with the best electrostatic designs. Coupled with the spectacular speed and dynamic transients from Edge Electronics, we are confident this will be a combination that will produce a sound not often heard.

The cable loom throughout will be from the Canadian manufacturer GutWire Audio Cables - a name not well known in the UK. These cables have superb transparency and a natural tonal balance due to their unique construction and the use of cold welding, eliminating any solder joints.

Digital replay will be from two sources. A Spectral Audio reference SDR 4000S CD player and Peter Djordjevic of Epicurean Audio, the distributor of Edge Electronics and GutWire Audio Cables, will be demonstrating music files played via an APL DAC using the newly introduced USBe-1 cable from GutWire.

The room acoustics will be treated with Acustica Applicata DAADs. During the two day event we will be setting aside a short period during the morning and afternoon to demonstrate the effectiveness of these products on the articulation of sound. We will also have on hand samples of the Soften panel room treatment products and will explain how they work. These panels can be used in conjunction with the DAADs where domestic situations restrict the full use of the Acustica Applicata products.

The room we will be using at the Hilton Newbury North will be the Enborne Suite. This will accommodate approximately 30 persons at one time. We would be grateful if anyone planning to visit the Event would fill in our contact form on the website to assist with our catering.