Styl:us 16 Show Report

Stephen Harper – Audio Consultants - Monday, May 02, 2016

We had a superb reaction to our presentation at this new show dedicated to vinyl replay format. Our room was full for almost the entire 2 day event, with a very enthusiastic stream of visitors. 

The effect of the Audiodesksysteme PRO ultrasonic vinyl cleaner was being demonstrated almost non-stop all day, both days. I played a track from visitor’s LP, cleaned it and then played the same track again. All present heard the effect immediately; with improve transparency, better dynamics, and a bigger soundstage. High frequency distortions and sibilance were removed resulting in a more natural tonal balance. 

The sound was also louder despite not having touched the volume control. Most said it was like a different LP. Some 50 -60 year old LPs were offered and, despite not being able to remove all the noise (micro-damage), the sonic improvements to the music were still very evident. Many new LPs were ultrasonically cleaned too and the results were the same as described above, always very positive, with a more authoritative tonal balance. The sound of the system playing fronted by the Nottingham Analogue HyperSpace was very open, truly holographic, filling the room behind the speakers with a wide and very deep stage. The superb Norma REVO IPA-140 amplifier proved very able to drive both the ProAc Response D30 R and the German Physiks Unlimited MkII loudspeakers with ease. The latter omni-directional design proved very popular with many visitors. We swapped over loudspeakers several times during the show and, although more expensive than the truly excellent Response D30R model, it was able to produce a bigger and more transparent sound picture in the room. 

The sound was assisted by a minimal level of Acustica Applicata DAAD room tuning devices supplemented by the new Volcano product which was placed between the loudspeakers. Many commented that they had not heard such an open sound before, whereby the speakers appeared not to be playing. The sound just filled the room. We were deemed the best sound at the show by quite a few visitors, not bright, not forward and very easy to listen to. Some came back several times during the day. 

 We hope that this type of very focussed show, dedicated to the vinyl enthusiast will be repeated next year. Perhaps more than once a year.