National Audio Show 2016

Stephen Harper – Audio Consultants - Sunday, September 04, 2016

We will be exhibiting at the forthcoming National Audio Show 2016 at Whittlebury Hall, the weekend of 17 and 18 September. We can be found in the Monaco Room situated on the Ground Floor. For more information please follow this link

After the enthusiastic reaction to the new PRO version of the Audiodesksysteme ultrasonic vinyl cleaner at the Styl:us 16 Show in April, this will again be a major feature of our exhibit. Visitors will have the opportunity to clean an LP of their own and hear the very positive effect of this superb cleaner, not only to well used LPs, but also to brand new, unplayed ones. Paul Rigby was “stunned” by this cleaner’s performance that he recently awarded it 5 Globes in Hi-Fi World. Because so many people asked to clean LPs at the Styl:us 16 Show, we will have to limit this demonstration to 90-minute slots each day, to allow time to play music uninterrupted through the audio system.

We will be presenting a very similar analogue based system to recreate the superb sound we produced at the Styl:us 16 Show. This will be fronted by the Nottingham Analogue Space 294 turntable fitted with a 12-inch Ace Space tonearm. This deck is designed exclusively for 12-inch arms and has an oversized platter with the Heavy Duty Carbon Ceramic top plate. The sound quality is outstanding and at a total cost of £3500, this represents exceptional value for money.

The cartridge will be the Clearaudio Concerto V2 MC linked to the Clearaudio Balanced Plus phono stage. This has a separate power supply and features auto impedance cartridge loading.

The amplification will be the Norma Audio IPA-140 integrated amplifier. This offers a true high-end sound well beyond that expected for the price of £4500. We will also be using the Norma Audio DS-1 CD player. This too provides an exception level of sound quality for its price and can hold its own with competing players that cost 2 or 3 times as much.

The speakers will be from the exemplary German Physiks omnidirectional range. We shall alternate during the show between the Unlimited MkII and the HRS-130, both of which offer exceptional soundstaging, clarity and speed at their respective price points.

The equipment support and chassis resonance control will be from Harmonic Resolution Systems, with a background in vibration control in the aerospace industry, they are world renowned for producing the lowest noise floors. The newly designed RXR frame and shelves offer a more affordable entry point to their range.

All signal cables and power cords will be from the Canadian company GutWire Cables. These feature an extremely dense screen design and ultra-high quality, solder-free connectors. This results in very low noise, negligible colouration with no hint of compression and a large and realistic soundstage.

Room acoustics will be controlled with the Acustica Applicate DAAD acoustic devices and will feature their new Volcano, an innovative product designed to control the turbulent energy effects that occur between loudspeakers.

There will be special prices for the Audiodesksystme PRO cleaner and accessories available for visitors to the show. A small deposit is all that will be required to secure this price. A similar arrangement will be available for HRS components ordered at the show.