HRS Chassis Resonance Control Products – up to 20% discount

Stephen Harper – Audio Consultants - Thursday, June 19, 2014

For a limited time period we are offering up to 20% discount on all HRS products. For any orders placed up to July 31st the following promotion prices apply: spend up to £500 – 15% discount; £501 to £999 –17.5% discount; £1000 or more – 20% discount. Any mix of HRS products qualifies. 

Most Nimbus products should be available from stock. For non stock items, a 25% deposit is all that is required to secure the order discount with the balance payable prior to delivery. Payment by debit card, bank transfer or cheque. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge. Delivery at cost. 

The HRS chassis resonance control has a very marked effect on the sound of the electronics. More so than upgrading the components themselves but for a smaller investment. Because of the total absorption of unwanted resonances, they are much more effective than other mechanical supports such as Stillpoints, Pulsar Points or Cera-products which rely on the transfer of energy to another part of the device. Many who have compared HRS to these more heavily marketed alternative support systems have been surprised by the difference. One customer after doing such a comparison using HRS items reported: 

Great and essential stuff. I always believed the flaw in the Stillpoints sound was due to a cabling problem... It's not funny how you can go wrong in audio land and may end up compensating for the wrong kind of tweaks in my system... Also surprised by how effective they are under the power supply. Bass is not less, perhaps even more but civilized. Mr H v d L, Holland

We have trial samples available for those that wish to evaluate the HRS effect for themselves prior to purchase. Please contact us for details on 0118 981 9891. For those that wish to understand more on how the HRS products work 

Please read more on our page devoted to Chassis Resonance Control