HiFi Show - Windsor

Stephen Harper – Audio Consultants - Saturday, November 08, 2014

We assisted Max Lowe of HiFi Network with his room at last weekend's HiFi Show at Old Windsor. He was featuring the ELAC FS-409 loudspeakers driven by the Norma Audio REVO SC-2 pre-amplifier and REVO PA 150 stereo power amplifier. The entire cable loom was by In-akustic. We tuned the room with a relatively small number of Acustica Applicata DAADs to superb effect. The sound was of a high order considering the cost of the system compared to many others at the show.

Also on demonstration were a pair of ELAC Super Tweeters which are high quality, substantially built items using an almost 360 degree ribbon designed to integrated with the 4 ohm load of the speaker. During many comparisons with and without the super tweeters coupled to the FS 409s, visitors were very impressed with what they contributed to the overall sound. The addition of the super tweeter did not emphasise the high frequencies, a common problem with many other brands, but rather fleshed out the mid range, even the upper bass frequencies, giving more air and space to soundstage. It was as if a much large speaker was playing, generating a deeper soundstage.  Priced at around £1800, these are not cheap but the quality of the sound and the construction reflects this cost. We shall be obtaining this demo pair and will be evaluating them with our ELAC and other brands of loudspeakers and will report again in due course.

A pair of ELAC wall mounted loudspeakers were also on demonstration offering a much bigger sound than such a slim design would suggest.

We will soon receive our demonstration sets of In-akustic cables to add to our cable brands. A very clean, honest sound with little emphasis that adds colour. Interesting technology abounds within their construction and the quality of the cables and the terminal is of the highest order. All wires and components completely made in Germany. We shall be reporting more on these on our web page in due course.