NEW GutWire Perfect Ground and Ultimate Ground cable

An extremely effective and simple way of improving the sound of any audio system. A single cable to enable the proper grounding of electronic components. Simply attach the RCA or XLR, plug end to any spare input socket on your integrated amplifier or pre-amplifier. The mains plug end goes into any spare wall socket, or into a mains distributor. This creates the shortest route to ground from the circuit boards and introduces a different ground potential into the system.

Only the earth pin in the mains plug is connected to the ground part of the RCA/XLR connector, or to a spade; the live and neutral pins are completely sealed off inside the mains plug. Obviously, it would be completely inappropriate to transmit AC voltage to a component’s chassis.

It takes moments to hear the sound stage increase in depth and width, the tonal balance has more weight and is more natural, less ‘hifi’. Increased transparency results in better resolution of fine detail and sharper image focus.

Experiments have shown that trying either left or right input sockets to a channel can gives a slightly different sonic results. Just choose the one you like the sound of best.

Far more effective than the passive EntreQ Tellus grounding box and cables, or the Vertex equivalent, or the active Telos Ground Box. No compression of dynamics, or added colouration, which can occur with alternative systems.

An elegant and simple solution; a single cable does it all

The Perfect Ground cable is made from multi-strand high purity oxygen free copper. The Ultimate Ground takes the construction and the performance to a higher level using a small number of solid core conductors made from a special copper. There is more shielding and anti-resonance damping in the outer jacket. The connectors can be RCA, XLR, spade, clip or coaxial. RCA connector is the most popular; other types to order. Wall plug can be either UK or Schuko and are filled with a natural mineral Binchõ-tan which provides resonance damping.

NEW A new ground cable has been introduced called Consummate Ground. We are currently evaluating samples both in UK and Schuko plug format, and the initial reaction is that this takes the GutWire ground cable effect to newer heights, particularly in the area of holography. Instruments and vocalists are truly in their own space and it is possible to imagine the full dimensionality of each instrument.

Perfect Ground cable – 6ft (1.83m) – UK or Schuko plug £349

Extra length cable – £30 per foot

Ultimate Ground – 6 ft (1.83m) – Furutech Gold UK plug £649 

Ultimate Ground – 6ft (1.83m) – Wattgate Schuko plug £599

Extra length - £40 per foot

Consummate Ground – 6ft (1.83m) – Furutech Gold UK plug £1450

Extra length £120 per foot

RCA connector is the most popular. XLR, spade, coaxial or clip to order.

There is an additional cost of £140 for Furutech FP-601(G) XLR termination.

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Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) Cable Review

Perfect Ground
Perfect Ground Cable
Consummate Ground
Consummate Ground Cable