Fine two channel audio systems

Dedicated to producing the highest quality, most natural sounds from 2-channel stereo systems.

Room acoustics treatments specialists using broadband devices. Listen to your audio system not to your room.

Expert resonance control to allow electronics to reveal their true potential.

Turntable and vinyl replay optimisation.

Over 25 years of improving the sound of our customer’s systems.

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Simple upgrades to achieve a better sound from your audio system

NEW GutWire Perfect Ground cable

An extremely effective, simple way of improving the sound of any audio system. A single cable to enable proper grounding of electronic components. Simply attach the RCA (or XLR) plug end to any spare input socket to your integrated amplifier or pre-amplifier. The mains plug end goes into any spare wall socket or into a mains distributor. This creates the shortest route to ground from the circuit boards and introduces a different ground potential into the system. It takes moments to hear the sound stage increases in depth and width, the tonal balance has more weight and becomes more natural. Transparency increases, more fine detail resolved and a sharper image focus. Far more effective than the passive EntreQ Tellus grounding box and cables, or the Vertex equivalent, or the active Telos Ground Box, And much cheaper than either! An elegant solution; a single cable does it all.

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HRS Nimbus Chassis Noise Reduction

Following on from the well established Nimbus Assemblies and the Damping Plates, the new Vortex system is designed to reduce the chassis noise for heavier electronic components that are also made from thicker metal. Reducing the noise level even further than with the exemplary Nimbus Assemblies, these produce a much cleaner background, hence more detail is perceived with an increase in the stage picture and dynamics. Coupled with the thicker DPX Damping Plates applied to the top of the chassis, the result is the lowest noise level in the audio industry, and across the entire frequency bandwidth. Quality construction from stainless steel plus proprietary polymer media, the result is a far more natural sound and presentation than with other competitive devices that rely purely on mechanical transfer.

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Acustica Applicata Volcano

A new room acoustic device designed to control the turbulence and unwanted energy peaks that occur between loudspeakers. The first time than any room tuning product has been applied to this area and designed specifically for the purpose. The improvement in sound staging, image focus and proper dynamics has to be experienced rather than described. Tonal balance is more natural, the low frequencies are faster and more textured, the high frequencies have less distortions, producing a presentation closer to the live event.

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