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NEW Audio Analogue

The new Pure AA designs from this long-established Italian company include the heavily re-designed Puccini and Maestro Anniversary integrated amplifier are quite an advance in sound over their original versions. The tonal balance is very natural, with large and deep soundstages. The sound is very elegant and smooth but not euphonic or lacking in detail. Even played loud they retains their composure.

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DS Audio Optical cartridges

These cartridges work on a completely different principle to conventional MM or MC cartridges. Instead of a signal generated by electromagnetic force the optical cartridge uses a beam of light to detect the stylus motion. Removing the mass of magnets or coils, and by using tiny optical parts, the optical system resolves the smallest stylus motions with greater accuracy. Music is reproduced more correctly, nuances and the finest details revealed more easily.

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Hegel Music Systems

This Norwegian electronics company has been around since the mid-1990s but in recent years has become better known in the higher end of the audio market. A very organic sound with little hifi artifice due to their unique SoundEngine technology which reduces noise and distortion. A focused range of products which includes five integrated amplifiers, all of which include high quality DACs, and two pre-power amplifier combinations. There is also a dedicated CD player that does nothing more than play CDs, a courageous move in today’s market where there is a trend towards computer files as sources.

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